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Need advice, expertise and guidance?
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the online vocal coach

Learning to sing can be a minefield of misinformation. Get the information and guidance you need to make an immediate improvement to your voice at a fraction of the cost of a singing lesson.

Now is your opportunity to get a professional critique on your singing with a detailed assessment and guidance on improvements from a certified vocal coach.

Perhaps you have an audition coming up or a performance for which you need additional expert advice. By purchasing my critique and guidance service, you gain immediate expertise from the comfort of your own home.

A simple process
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Singer Recording a Song


Ryan is very talented, professional, friendly and patient. His instruction and advice are faultless. He is always constructive with comments and truly boosts confidence and ability. Definitely recommend.


Ryan uses great techniques. He makes you feel at ease and is very approachable if you feel you have vocal problems. You couldn’t ask for a better coach, who, not only teaches well, but also has a sense of humour.


I absolutely adore Ryan. He has an extraordinary ability to deliver constructive feedback with both unrivaled precision and emotional intelligence. His ears don't miss a thing. He coaches with balance, subtlety and remains impeccably dialed into the individual abilities of the singer.


Ryan is great at his job and always makes the lessons easy to understand and follow and always explains why we are doing certain exercises and how it helps. He is also very patient , as well as making it fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend giving it a try .


Ryan provided an excellent breakdown of my singing sample, with a detailed video lesson that gave me direction to move forward in my journey. He goes above and beyond for his students, and its clear that he really cares about you.

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