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singing is an enchanting activity that anyone can do. singing provides the singer with a lifetime of enjoyment, entertainment and sense of self.

the singing curriculum is designed to develop your singing technique with exercises specifically designed to address the plethora of singing concepts. developing your singing takes time, practice and collaboration.

with the exercises, suggested songs and expert guidance from innovative singing teacher and vocal coach, ryan jenkins, you'll be provided with the tools, strategies and expertise to become a better singer.

whether you want to sing for fun or want to establish yourself as a successful singer, the singing curriculum will guide you to your goal.
The Process
the key concept behind the singing curriculum is progressive learning. as in all areas of learning, undertaking an activity in a sequential, well-informed manner is key to the success of mastering that activity. singing is no different. 

anyone can learn to sing, you just need the skills, dedication and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

below you'll see an infographic of the main areas of learning. within these learning objectives are sub-objectives and within those are further small-steps to success.
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  • Warming up for singing

  • Breathing for singing

  • Shaping vowels

  • Articulating consonants

  • Building intervals for accuracy

  • Mastering rhythmic notation and tempo

  • Adding diversity with dynamics, articulations and alterations

  • Building chest voice

  • Developing head voice and falsetto

  • Exploring middle voice and mix

  • Register transitioning

  • Developing and manipulating vocal tone

  • Improving and advancing vocal agility

  • Belting

  • Effective practice