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Welcome To The New-Age of Vocal Coaching

Modern technology is allowing educators and their pupils to adapt and evolve. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more of us are engaging in working remotely, learning and using technology to stay connected with everyone.

For many years singers have relied on face to face in-person lessons, but with the advancement of technology, online singing lessons are swiftly becoming the norm.

This is a relatively new way of learning, and as we all know, trying something new isn’t always our natural human instinct. I’m sure you’ve contemplated the pros and cons of online singing lessons but it may surprise you to know that there are actually a plethora of benefits to learning to sing remotely.

Money, Money, Money

Let’s get straight to the point and talk money. If you’ve ever had singing lessons before you’ll know that they don’t come cheap. Depending on your location, the teacher’s experience and their status, a singing lesson can easily cost you £80-£100 per lesson. This, for many potential singers, makes singing lessons inaccessible.

However, online lessons often work out cheaper without sacrificing the value of the lesson. The overheads of running an online coaching platform is by far cheaper than that of running a teaching studio and this is often reflected in the lesson fee (or at least it should be).

Additionally, you as the student will save money on travel costs and on time wasted travelling, which over the course of a year will quickly mount up. This saving in money may allow you to purchase more lessons and the time saved will provide you with more practice time, ultimately meaning you will make progress quicker.

Your Time is Precious

I’m a firm believer in time being a precious commodity and we should all use it wisely. With this in mind, why waste it travelling to a lesson?

I often hear stories of students travelling for over an hour to reach their teacher’s studio to be told that their lesson will have to be rescheduled or even cancelled because they’ve arrived late at no fault of their own. When technology is now good enough to study from home, why run the risk of being stuck in traffic and potentially missing your lesson when you no longer have to?

Additionally, if you’re a driver who has ever been stuck in traffic, you’ll know how stressful that can be and as singers one of the biggest things we should avoid is negative tension. If you’ve just spent an hour stuck in traffic knowing you’re going to be late, you’re not likely to be in the best frame of mind for learning. Stay in the comfort of your own home, put your feet up, unwind and relax before your lesson.

The Vocal Coaching World is Your Oyster

One of the major benefits of learning remotely is that your choice of teachers dramatically increases, thus enabling you to match yourself with a vocal coach who is best suited to your singing goals. Suddenly you can work with a vocal coach who specialises in the genres and styles of singing you desire to advance in from around the globe.

Watch it Back

It’s in the small steps that we make a big difference. And, unfortunately it's often some of those minor details and small steps that students forget during a lesson. One of the major positives of an online lesson is that it can be recorded from start to finish. It’s true that you could record your in-person lessons too but how often have you had a notification on your mobile to tell you you’ve run out of space or your battery is about to die?

With online lessons, your vocal coach can record the lesson in its entirety without the fear of running out of battery or memory space. So, when your lesson ends and you’re practicing alone, you can replay the lesson, listen to the advice of your vocal coach and be certain you're following through with it step by step. Practicing this way could enable better progress, by providing you with the tools needed to recall all the important knowledge and skills you learned in your lesson.

Home, Hotel or a Holiday Villa in Hawaii

Providing you have a good internet connection you can learn to sing from anywhere in the world (and probably out of it too)!

Throughout the year it's easy to miss a block of lessons due to being away for work or family occasions. Thanks to online remote learning, you can keep up with your sessions and be certain that you’re making consistent progress, no matter where you are.


If you’re on a family holiday to Disneyland - it’s best to check with your family first.

What are you waiting for? Start your online learning journey today.

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