Jenkins + Walters: Chatting About Choir

Bringing you closer to the people involved in choral music.


"The choir saved my life"

S02 E01 - Ernie Wassall

Chatting About Choir brings you closer to the people involved in choral music. Our aim is to inspire you to join a choir by introducing you to the many different people that participate in group singing. 

In this episode we chat with the talented tenor, Ernie Wassall. We discuss how through tragedy, Ernie has used his love of singing for good, improving his own life but also of those around him. 


Episode 5: Our Covid Journey

The Coronavirus pandemic has devastated the performing arts community. 

Choral directors, Ryan Jenkins and David Walters discuss the impact the Coronavirus pandemic has had on their choir. 

As choir directors, composers, and musicians, Ryan and David have directly felt the impact of the pandemic and this episode explores the journey they have made from the beginning of the pandemic to now. They discuss their approach to bringing the choir and wider community together through singing, even when singing was outlawed. Additionally, they discuss lessons learned and successes made through having to adapt to a new normal.


Episode 4: Winter Voice Care for Singers

Brrr, it's getting colder... Winter is taking its icy grip!
It’s fair to say, winter is one of the most challenging seasons for your voice. The winter brings cold, dry air and this combination is your larynx’s worst nightmare. Your voice prefers the climate of a tropical rainforest, wet and warm. In this episode, vocal coach, Ryan Jenkins and musical director, David Walters discuss how to look after your voice throughout the winter months and beyond.


Episode 3: The Magic of Musicals

Musicals... Everyone has their favourite! 
In this episode, David takes the opportunity to share his extensive knowledge of musical theatre with Ryan and you, as he delves into his life as a musical director. You'll hear stories of on-stage mishaps, costume malfunctions, near-fatal accidents and an on stage death!


Episode 2 : Singing Will Improve Your Health

Great news - singing has been scientifically proven to improve both your physical and mental health. 
In this episode, choral directors, Ryan Jenkins and David Walters discuss the health benefits of singing in a choir.  From reducing stress to sparking memories in dementia patients, this episode will inspire you to join a choir and sing for a better you.


Episode 1: Why You Should Join A Choir

In this episode, Ryan and David discuss the benefits of joining a choir and how it can enrich your lives. Their unique blend of lightheartedness and informative discussion aims to encourage everyone to enjoy the magic of music and singing.